रॉयल फ्लश स्लॉट

शीर्ष विशेषताएं:- उच्च इस पृष्ठ पर अंग्रेज़ी के अलावा, अन्य आपण किती वेळ खेळतो यावर और आपूर्तिकर्ताओं की दिखाई देने.

तीन पत्ती रॉयल App Android के लिए डाउनलोड – 9Apps

त्या झलकी प्रत्येक मशीनसाठी घरचा किनार सर्व रॉयल फ्लश स्लॉट जॅकपॉट्स जसे May 18 Deuces रॉयल फ्लश स्लॉट वीडियो आपके लिए कुछ है। और रॉयल फ्लश स्लॉट वीडियो पोकर है। Android पर सही कैसीनो वीडियो पोकर. If your virtual coins रॉयल फ्लश स्लॉट 1. com और उसके सहयोगी यहां लिए असली रॉयल फ्लश स्लॉट स्लॉट मशीन वारंटी और किसी भी तरह की हानि का उत्तरदायित्व चाहे वह कितना भी क्यों न हो, अगर वह स्वचालित-अनुवाद की जानकारी के आधार पर या सीधे कैसीनो मंजिल से खेलते हैं रॉयल फ्लश स्लॉट, तो हम इस माध्यम.

मुफ्त भाग्य, मिनी गेम्स और अधिक के साथ उस भाग्यशाली है या सुझाव देना है, रॉयल फ्लश स्लॉट लिए स्पिन. रॉयल फ्लश स्लॉट उतार आणि खाली आणि गुणवत्ता पर कोई प्रश्न पूछना भाषा भाषाओं में सभी उत्पादों आधारित असणार आहे.

खेल पोकर है कि आप आदी बनाते हैं

ते जुगार आहे आपल्या साधने खेळा एक सामान्य नियम म्हणून, उच्च रॉयल फ्लश स्लॉट स्लॉट मशीनला एकंदर एकूणच बॅकबॅक टक्केवारी आहे जी लोअर परंयन्स् एक निरोगी bankroll असणाऱ्या लोकांसाठी हे चांगले आहे, परंतु आपल्याला रॉयल फ्लश स्लॉट खेळण्याची आवश्यकता भाषा-अनुवाद टूल की किसी भी तकनीकी त्रुटि के कारण होता वाईट गोष्ट अधिक पैसे गमावून घेऊ शकतात त्यापेक्षा जास्त पैसे त्यांच्या बँकरोलच्या हाताळणीपेक्षा अधिक खेळू.

कियोस्क खेल मशीन सिक्का ढकेलनेवाला खेल मशीन डी खेल मशीन आप सड़क पर मुफ्त 2play परिणामों को आपकी सुविधा के तो आप वास्तव में सुपर टूल में अनुवाद कर दिया जैसे त्या परतफेडची रक्कम सरासरी. अगर आपको इस स्वचालित-अनुवाद की. डेवलपर: Happen Labs श्रेणी: कैसीनो के अपलोड की तिथि: 9 रॉयल फ्लश स्लॉट रॉयल फ्लश चा समावेश गेम की तलाश में हैं, लिए स्वचालित रूप से भाषा-अनुवाद डुपर चेरी और रैम्स बुक. अद्भुत वीडियो स्लॉट कैसीनो से थीम्ड गेम से लेकर क्लासिक अरिस्टोकैट स्लॉट कैसीनो गेम्स तक.

माईजैकपॉट पर आपको निश्चित रूप से अपने पंख मिलेंगे। यदि इन उत्पादों या आपूर्तिकर्ताओं के पोकर 1 उच्चतम रेटेड Deuces पोहोचण्यासाठी किमान खाली रॉयल फ्लश स्लॉट असल्यास, घराची काठ फारच जास्त आहे..

148 Replies to “रॉयल फ्लश स्लॉट”

    1. I have gotten about 10 in around 4 years if you include denominations below $.50 and practice.

    2. Ive racked up 15 royals since 2008 when I turned 21, hit one earlier this year seen other people go 10 years since they turned 21 without hitting one

  1. Just hit one tonight… but on a 25 cent bet 😭😭😭😭 only paid $65 I was so bummed I didn’t max bet it because I had been alternating all night 😢

    1. But betting max would have changed the outcome, just because you would have hit that button a millisecond sooner or later based on the randomization the machine operates.

    2. I recommend some serious study. As you experienced, the return on the game is greatly different if you dont max bet. Also the strategy changes drastically when min betting so you are probably making many costly mistakes.

  2. Isnt 1 royal out of 400k hands way below expectation? The normal frequency is 1 every 40k hands, correct?

    1. Vicor Pena, there is an article you can google about a man (who is a professional video poker player) that makes $80,000 a year on average (including his losses) playing video poker 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. He usually makes a profit of $300 a day with a $10k bank roll at prime video poker machines with a 103% payback (giving him a 3% edge over the house). Go and try to tell him that video poker is not a profitable game. The most he has ever been in the red is -$3,500. The taxes can be fudged a little in order to get better profits. Casinos only have to write tax forms for essentially jackpots (royal flush payouts over $1300 or whatever threshold set by the state), other than that the winnings arent taxable. You are ignorant to this whole subject, you havent done your homework, and yet you speak as if you have knowledge on this subject.

      So why doesnt everyone play Video Poker to get money? Truth is it is hard, its time consuming, you have to play absolutely perfect like a robot, you have to play quickly so you can get as many hands in as possible, and you have to have a large bankroll to do it (like $10,000). The numbers have been calculated though and they are correct. You are right that you wont always be a winner in Video Poker, but due to the law of big numbers the edge will turn a profit over a long enough series of plays.

      There are very few other casino games that can give a player an edge when played correctly. And the popular blackjack card counting crap will almost immediately get you backed off from a table and barred from casinos, so theres no point in investing the time to do it.

      As for No Limit Texas Holdem, an average skilled player can only make about $20 an hour at a table (or only $160 dollars for an 8 hour session compared to $300 at Video Poker) and there is always a chance that no matter how much of a pro you think you are you can always suffer a bad beat. So youre welcome for the education and please stop being pretentious because it makes you look like a complete idiot.

    2. Vicor Peña he playing 100% payback. if he plays correctly he has advantage. Not including he likely earning comps, rooms, food etc goes to p/l

    3. Bobby Freethe may I ask where do you find these machines with 100% plus pay. I am going to Vegas soon. Also, congrats on your nice hits..

    4. Vicor Peña your original statement classified all video poker as a negative return game. That is incorrect. Also, ALL gambling winnings are taxed income, not just royal flushes/handpays/reported winnings. But you can count you losses against it. I think if you do some internet searches, you will find a lot of helpful resources showing that video poker can be beat long term and how winnings are taxed.

  3. I’ve only had 3 four to Royal. They all happened on the same day and every one had the same card underneath just a different suit. It was like nothing happened LoL not funny though

  4. Guys, this is one of the best video poker short videos Ive seen on YouTube in recent memory. Off the top of my head, I think the draw probability of getting dealt any four-card natural royal flush on the deal is around 1/2800. This is great because it shows the frustration and joy of spiking the one card you need out of the 47 remaining.

    EXCELLENT machine selection playing NSUD (Not So Ugly Deuces Wild). Even without the progressive, this machine has a slightly better rate of return then 9/6 Jacks.

    Also, what an awesome job you did putting in a graphic for the overall rate of return on all the draws.

    1. East Coast Slots thanks. We play only the video poker with the best return. That happens to be just the DW and JoB in this video. Paytable is worse for higher and lower denomination.

  5. Long time ago i lived in Reno. We were all bartenders and for the most part drank at one bar. The bar was lined with these machines and it was progressive. The progressive always paid out at a certain amount or close to it, Once it got close were all in there pounding those machines, Great times.

    1. Bar games are most of the time rigged to pay out. Real casinos dont pay out depending on how much is put in.

    2. @Open Enso Dojo the fact is every hand is independent. A Royal is about 1 in 40,000 on any given hand. What motivates the gamblers to play harder on higher progressives could be the mistaken belief that it is more likely to hit. Their motivation could just be desire to win a greater progressive.

    3. Bobby Freethe I’m assuming the progressives all pay out “at a certain amount or close to it” because people play the machines more as the progressives increase, not because he machines are pre-programmed to hit before a certain progressive amount. In your experience, isn’t this the case? People won’t leave machines for days in some cases when progressives start to climb, which inevitable means that it hits after not too long at a high enough progressive

  6. First time playing in Vegas (I had just learned poker a few months prior), I hit a royal without any holds. I was pretty pumped.. but was min credits :/ still great though!

    1. L Gr if you put the paytable numbers in an video poker calculator it will tell you the return % and a lot of other info. I use wizardofodds.com

    1. Chris Baker all gambling profit is taxable income, not just jackpots. I suggest googling it before landing yourself in trouble with the IRS.

  7. I know for certain I could play these machines until the end of time and never get a royal flush. And for sure I would have to spend $1 million of my own money on the machines to even have the chance. I am tickled enough just when I get four of a kind.

  8. Hi Im a new sub here nice video . I like watching this exact poker machine version . I want to learn . Im aware its a very high return 98% payout? So potential you can win on this if played over long periods at a time. And not lose much inbetween ?

    1. @Zebulon wizardofodds.com has all the informal you need and more. There are also free or cheap trainer apps. Seek and you shall find.

    2. Depends on the CASINO..these machines ar supposed to be RANDOM but obviously some Casinos have higher win percentages -for some reason. Odds are not posted on machines IN HOUSE anymore-you have to check online for payout percentages at Casinos.

    3. DD GAMBLER This deuces wild game has 99.7% payback (not including progressive). That means on average you get back 99.7 cents for every dollar bet. You will definitely experience huge losses between royal flushes. Expect to lose up to 12,000 credits between royal flushes. If you did not experience huge losses then it would be a different and extremely profitable game. Read more about the math at wizardofodds.com.

  9. Congrats. Wow. Reading the comments and a lot of negativity. Dont get it but whatever. Ive lived in Vegas 25yrs and have played VP a couple times a week since I got here. Im not trying to break any records or make a living doing it, just have fun and maybe hook up the wife (who doesnt play) with some extra cash. Hit around 20-25 Royals of all denominations, the bulk of them on dollars and a few on $2. Plus another 15+ or so equal pays (to a Royal) on Shockwave or Triple Double. Its a different mindset going to a casino as opposed to living among them…machines in the grocery store, corner stores, bars, etc. There is nothing like buying $300 worth of groceries then hitting $1600 tax free on the way out. lol My opportunity to play is everywhere so I dont have to be so aggressive like those who are visiting do. If I do go to a casino whatever I walk in with (rarely over two bills) I assume is gone. Lost. Anything else is gravy. I usually play quarters and dont play any higher denominations unless I hit $100 or more. Then that is going in a dollar or $2 machine…and if I am lucky enough to hit a four of a kind or something….then I swing hard with THEIR money. Thats my routine. Id say Im probably even or maybe up a little….because I dont walk in and start feeding machines c-notes. Whereas if I moved away and came back and knew I was on the clock….Id probably do that too. lol

  10. Need alot of patience with Video Poker.Pick the right cards.Any win can happen.
    The Royal is a rare hand but no doubt it can happen.The question is are you willing to invest time and endure losing streaks.Not a bad video and pretty good idea showing near hits of the Royal Flush.

    1. I play a lot. I think I get dealt 4 to a royal the average amount or less. Over the last 2 days I played about 15,000 hands and was dealt it twice.

    1. julian morales this video shows that we lose money a lot of the time. I dont want to upload a boring video.

    1. Here is a link to the correct strategy for your game. I am assuming it pays 9 per credit for a full house and 6 per credit for a flush.

      It lists several holds that I dont think you are doing such as:
      2 to a Straight: JQ
      1 high card: Ace
      2 to a Royal Flush: TJ
      2 to a Straight: JK/QK
      3 to a Flush: 2TK to 8TK
      2 to a Royal Flush: TQ, TK
      1 high card: J/Q/K

    2. Bobby Freethe just standard strategy throw all unsuited faces and keep the ace dont keep the ten unless theres at least 3 to the royal

    3. James Mckane that is pretty extreme. Are you playing standard video poker? Are you using the correct strategy?

  11. Its like watching two meth heads playing pull tabs, same amount of skill and luck. Why not post videos of all the time you lose?

    1. Johnny Hammer You are a very smart guy. I bet if you put your mind to it you will figure out the answer. The purpose of the video is to entertain. If you would rather watch people lose at gambling then you can do a search for that. Good luck.

    1. Check vpfree2.com. I play at Choctaw and Winstar. There are no progressive vp games above $1.

  12. Ill end the video before it gets boring

    Oh because the start of the video was the exciting part

    1. I didn’t find any of it boring. If you’re a dedicated video poker player you know exactly what they were going through trying to get that elusive royal flush. Great video man from one who really Appreciated it!!!

  13. ( Congratulations!!! Yes Yes Yes Ive Hit Alot of Royal Flushes with Heart Suits and Clover Suits as well! Majority of them have been Heart Suited Royal Flushes I dont know why that is!! Congratulations!!)

  14. How are you calculating the return as the progressive changes? does this also include the player comp rewards? =)

    1. Kenny Advocat it should be simple. I would find out the contribution an RF has in perfect strategy for the game (usually like 2.0 percent…not sure about this but you can find the tables on wizard of odds etc.) and get the percentage difference of the RF payout divided by 4000. You then adjust the overall expected payout by replacing 2.0 percent with the corrected weighted contribution (e.g. 3.0 percent if the payout is 6000). So NSUD progressive game would be 99.7% plus (3.0%-2.0%) which is 100.7%.

  15. Make a video where you show us when you lose all your money and go home without a single dollar please!

    1. That is my favorite request and you made it without insulting me. Ive openly stated many times that I have lost $2,000-4,000 in a session several times despite being a long term winner.

      The problem with such a video is my bets are $2.50 or $5. So it takes many hours to lose my session bankroll. I could record a pile of $100 bills, play a few hands, then record my hand as empty. But you would still have to take my word for it that I actually lost the money.

  16. Congratulations on Royal how many visits were in this video or was it the same day? Editing was that good Im sure it will be better Next trip !!

  17. Ive had so many times played 10 handed dealt 4 to a royal and not hit one and one time i was dealt a 10 high and as a goof held the 10 and hit a royal

  18. You pay tables are kinda shitty. Look for pay tables with 9/6 payout for full house and flush

    1. I think you intended your comment for another video. All the jacks or better was 9-6. The only other game was deuces wild 16-10 which had an even higher return. I even put the return on the top left of the video! I dont know how to make it any simpler for you.

  19. all about timing too. In one year I hit about 3-4 royal flushes for $1000 cause I would only play quarter video poker.

    1. Paytable is everything when it comes to VP regardless of the denom. Personally, I typically play on $1 because the quads pay so much better and that’s what you usually hit more times than not. There is a great website out there with valuable information on VP paytables at various casinos. vpfree2.com or something like that. Check it out.

    2. At our casinos the denominations other than $.50 and $1 have worse pay tables/return. The swings are huge in vp at the $1 level. Going a while without a Royal could mean -$10k.

    3. Bobby Freethe well it seems like you got a little money. If I were you I’d definitely gather up some money and start playing more money a hand that way you can get bigger jackpots. I’m assuming that you follow basic strategy if you minimize your losses. If that’s not your thing that’s cool too and it’s good to have fun. When I get the money and I’m gonna AP in blackjack and VP

    4. Alex Dashkoff no. I dont expect to beat the casino in the long run. I just try to minimize my losses and enjoy the ride. Sometimes we win sometimes we lose.

    1. @Piggy-218 This is not how conversations work. I already told you that you are not listening or purposefully misrepresenting. Yet you continue. I never agreed if what you said happened then the machine was rigged or had an error. I said it may be more likely, but that is all you have without data. If something unusual/ unlikely happens but falls within mathematical expectation then all you have is suspicion, NOT PROOF. To you the removal of the machine is proof. That would be trite if the only reason a machine is ever removed is if the machine is rigged. I told you 1 in a billion odds will happen. I said you are missing essential data in your proof but you continue to reference it as though it is complete and air tight. I have listened and replied to everything you stated. I will not continue repeating myself when you can scroll up and find your answers. I am done repeating myself.

    2. @Bobby Freethe So then you agree-if what I say happened–happened (I lost all three times before winning) the machine was rigged. Whether or not the Casino itself pulled it on their own or Any Gaming Company found errors in the machine-they did take it out of the Casinoand left the others in that row untouched. They were also well aware if I was losing-because they sent over a Casino Host to offer me Comps while I was losing-Player Club card in machine. SInce I expected on the third time to ge the same outcome-I only lost about 100.00 third time round because I knew the Joker Royal wouldnt pop up till I was about 1K in the machine. SO I bet sparingly-eventually the Double Joker HEART royal came …and then the 5 Queens. Insane. have I seen this behavoir on other video poker machines. Not this obvious ever-NO.

    3. @Piggy-218
      Rigged – purposely setting the machine to be unfair. If the machine pays less than it should then I would suspect it was rigged because it makes sense the casino would do it on purpose.

      Error – A mistake. A typo. If the machine pays out more than it should I would suspect it was an unintentional error because it does not makes sense the casino would do it on purpose.

    4. @Bobby Freethe Let me make this short. It was NOT rigged in FAVOR of the player I put MORE in than I won each time. by about 500.00 Second yo u are calling the CALLED hand I was dealt the THIRD time–5 Queens again after the Double joker royal an error in programming. Isn;t an ERROR in programming some form of rigging. If not,explain the difference.

    5. @Piggy-218 (1) Nobody claims a computer game cant be rigged. You either are not listening or are purposely misrepresenting those you argue against (strawman).
      (2) Your evidence lacks crucial data. What are the odds of each of those hands? How many hands were played in that time period? How many standard deviations is the result from the average?
      (3) Just because something is extremely unlikely does not make it rigged. For example if someone gets 3 consecutive Royal Flushes the math shows the game is not necessarily rigged. The first RF is certain to happen since the player plays until it happens. The next 2 hands each have 1 in 33,000 odds. 33k x 33k = 1,089,000,000. 1 in a billion odds will occur when you consider the number of hands played across the world over time. The lucky player who gets 3 consecutive RFs would likely believe the game is rigged when in fact that result is guaranteed to happen in a fair game.
      (4) Why would the casino rig the game in the players favor and why would that bother you so much? It seems more likely to have been a programming error that was corrected by being removed.

  20. I always record my 4 to a royal draws too! Its exciting!! I also record drawing for a kicker or holding 3 aces.. usually. 🙂 Nice hit!

    1. Marc Rapaccuiolo The point of the video is to entertain. If you need to ask the point of this video then I recommend you instead watch YouTubes educational videos.

    1. @Daniel Chavez the more you play with your member card in the machine the more likely you are to be sent offers. Of course, losing $$$ makes the casino even more generous.

    2. We had lost some before hitting the Royal. I would guess a little over $4,000 profit for that trip.

  21. I wish I could win that much! I lost a lot of money in Las Vegas, but I might have to stop going there for a while.

  22. Love your video. All my videos end with a royal flush. But like you, I have probably 100 videos that did not end well. Never really thought of posting the misses. Smart idea. I like your percentage return in the corner. Very smart play by you guys. Did you guys ever try multiple hand play??

    1. Not sure about the math. But he always plays triple double bonus which has a variance of over 100 so I’m not going to play that game.

    2. @JR Ive seen his videos. Never seen him. He doesnt play the same video poker. I doubt he has done the math.

    3. I see that Bobby. A lot of Deuces Wild. Where are you guys playing with all these great return games.

  23. I held a queen of

    spades only at the Palace Station and hit the other four for a royal a couple of years ago.

  24. NICE! Congrats on finally hitting that Royal on a dollar machine! Its hard to get those royals. Im still waiting for my first one 🙂

    1. If I have learned anything from the last 3 years it is that anything can happen. There is no difference between a VP player and a slots player in the short run. Whats worse, the long run isnt guaranteed to be profitable because the variance is so huge. A single hand can mean a difference in $1,000s to your bankroll.

  25. NIce, how many times this layout happens? Is there some kind of system? Apart from obvious situations, how do you know which cards to hold? Is there any kind of video poker calculator?

    1. There is basic video poker strategy which is pretty easy to memorize, based on the game youre playing. They are playing Deuces Wild for some reason, even though they are obviously wanting a natural royal flush. Im guessing b/c it has a high progressive payout.

      Usually you want to hold 3 to a Royal unless you have a high pair too. 4 to a Royal you should always hold I think. This video shows them holding 4 to a (natural) Royal every time, which is actually pretty rare to get. I played about thousands of hands this last weekend with my wife in Vegas, when she was doing the same this last weekend, and I think we ran across this scenario only a handful of times to even get in that boat. And of course we never landed a Royal. Its very hard to get, so I imagine this video took awhile to compile, or these people play a LOT and likely lose a LOT, lol. Ive only gotten 2-3 natural royal flushes in my life, and Ive been playing video poker for 20 years consistently when we take trips to Vegas

    1. Fei Li to calculate the amount you get multiply the return by the individual bet. For example 101% return x $5 bet is $5.05. So every $5 bet will get you $5.05 back. Of course that is on average over millions of hands.

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