93 Replies to “कैसीनो जमा 1 डॉलर”

  1. You sad we can tell only Honkong without moving our lips but we can tell China and India whitout moving our lips

  2. good fact!
    but you have to tell Hindu religion/ Hindu culture not hindi culture because there are many countries in the world having hindu religion/ culture like Nepal🇳🇵

  3. Bro YouTube channel What The Fact abhi-abhi hack ho gaya hai, please is bare main sabhi ko bata do apne channel par! Aur is news ko har jagha fela do! Hamein is channel ko vapas lana hi hoga!

  4. I love to watch your videos at free time because your facts are amazing keep it up ❤️

  5. Big fact =English international language hai per ho sakta hindi international hoskta hai
    Jam ham free fire kaltai hai to Nepal ka friends hindi baat kaltai hai

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